Daisy Ingraham Health Office

Student Illness Guidelines

Student will be dismissed from school automatically for vomiting, diarrhea, suspected or confirmed conjunctivitis, nits (discretion of nurse)/live louse, or a temperature of 100.0 F and above.  If the student is dismissed from school, the student may not return to school until symptoms have ceased for 24 hours. If your child is suspected of having pink eye, a doctor note is required to return to school.  If your child is diagnosed with pink eye, they may not return to school until they have completed a full 24 hours of antibiotic.  If live louse (lice) is discovered, the student may return to school only after hair treatment is complete and every viable nit is removed and the student must see the nurse upon arrival at school. 

A student should remain at home from school with the following symptoms of communicable illness or disease:

  • A temperature of 100 degrees or greater. Students should be fever-free without using fever-reducing medication for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to school.
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea. Students should remain at home until vomiting and/or diarrhea have subsided for at least 24 hours and they are able to tolerate fluids.
  • Live head lice found in the hair.
  • Eye discomfort with itching, redness, pain, and discharge.
  • Skin rash suggestive of communicable disease
  • Sore throat that is accompanied by fatigue, body aches, and fever.

CHC School-Based Mobile Dental Program

The School-Based Mobile Dental Program is offered here at Daisy for the benefit of the students.

In-School Services Provided

  • Screenings
  • Exams
  • Cleanings
  • X-Rays
  • Sealants
  • Oral Health Education

The following fees/charges apply to Community Health Center, Inc.’s Mobile Dental Program:

  • For patients enrolled in HUSKY/Medicaid, services are 100% covered through Husky/Medicaid with no additional fees or charges.
  • For patients with private dental insurance, services are billed to insurance. Patient/Family is responsible for any deductible and/or co-pay.
  • For patients with no dental insurance the following fees apply:
  • $30 for Dental Hygiene visit (cleaning, x-rays, fluoride)
  • $18 per visit for exam by the Dentist
  • $25 per visit for sealants

Enrollment is accepted year around, and once enrolled it remains active until high school graduation. In fact, if you move to another town where CHC provides school-based services, your enrollment will continue.

To begin receiving services, please go to www.SBHC1.com to sign up quickly and easily online! Or you can download and print the packet in either English or Spanish here:  Dental Enrollment English  Dental Enrollment Spanish

For further information on getting a student enrolled or to un-enroll a student please contact:

Middlesex, New London & Meriden Areas

Alyson Gillissie

(860) 347-6971 ext. 5163

Unvaccinated Students

Please consider vaccinating your student. It is always better to prevent a disease than treat it. 

Remember that any student who is not vaccinated against a vaccine-preventable disease will be excluded from school per the Religious/Medical Exemption Form: 

"I understand that during a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak at the above-identified school,
all susceptible children, including the student will be excluded from school if a public health
official determines that the school is a significant site for disease exposure, transmission and
spread into the community. In such case, such children, including the student shall be excluded
from school until: (1) the public health official determines that the outbreak danger has ended;
(2) the child becomes ill with the disease and completely recovers from it; (3) the child is
vaccinated according to public health protocol; or (4) the child has proof of immunity to the