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Marilyn Brown

School Psychologist 

Pre Kindergarten through Fourth Grade 

Contact me at mbrown@westbrookctschools.org

860.399.7925 ext. 319 

Hi and thank you for visiting my webpage!

I have been happily employed by Westbrook's Board of Education since October, 1993.  I began my career in Westbrook Middle/High School working with students in grades 6 through 12 and remained there for 17 years.  In addition to the responsibilities of a school psychologist, I initiated, implemented and coordinated the Advisory Program, oversaw WMS's  Peer Mediators, facilitated Child Study Teams and coordinated the British/American Student Exchange.  Currently, I am the school psychologist at Daisy Ingraham School where I work with students in pre-kindergarten through 4th grade.

As a young teenager growing up in Savannah, Georgia, I had an inkling that I would eventually work as a child advocate.  When I moved back to Connecticut, I began to take an interest in the mind, emotions and what motivates people and delved into psychology at the University of Connecticut. After graduating from UCONN, I attended SCSU where I earned my Masters and Sixth Year Degree in School Psychology.  

I have two wonderful children and three delightful cats that keep me busy day in and day out! When I am not with them, I enjoy spending time on the beach collecting sea glass, taking long walks with friends and finding new ways to be creative. 



A healthy child is a happy child!


COVID19 - Resources from Second Step

School Psychologists: What do they do?

If you are wondering what a school psychologist does, please check out the link below from the National Association of School Psychologists.  While the responsibilities are extensive, the roles played by each school psychologist vary according to the needs of the school.   





About Second Step

Second Step

Second Step is a social/emotional curriculum that is implemented in grades K though 4th, once per week for 20 minutes for younger students and up to an hour for students in fourth grade.  Presently, classes are taught by Corey Ehrlich, School Social Worker, our interns from Westbrook Youth and Family Services (WYFS) and me.  Classes begin in September, shortly after the start of school, and are completed in early April.  I have had the pleasure of teaching Second Step for the last six years in fourth grade and believe the program is beneficial and fun for students and adults.  Please talk to your child about the lessons and for more information and parent resources visit www.secondstep.org and enter the activation codes listed at the bottom of the family letter  (below) for your child's grade.  









G4_Family_Letter_Spanish.pdf  g4_Family_Letter.pdf  


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Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

If your child is diagnosed with a disability he/she is most likely eligible to receive accommodations through Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  For more information please read the following information contained in this link:  504-resource-guide-201612 1.pdf .  If you or your child's teacher(s) suspect that he/she may have a disability, please contact me as I assist with the coordination of services through Section 504.  

Gifted & Talented

At Daisy Ingraham School, we are dedicated to providing differentiated instruction for each student.  For those students who are demonstrating a desire to learn more and at a more rapid pace and who are exhibiting exceptional academic skills and a unique approach to solving problems, we provide a evaluation to determine whether they meet the requirements of a student who is Gifted and/or Talented.  While Connecticut does not mandate that a specific program is provided for these exceptional students, we recognize the importance of providing them with differentiated instruction that meets and encourages their innate abilities and drive to excel. 

Information from the CT State Department of Education

Lunch Groups

Lunch Bunch

At Daisy Ingraham, our lunch groups are designed to promote positive social interactions in a supportive, small group setting.  During the grade level lunch period, 3 to 6 students will gather with Ms. Brown, Mrs. Ehrlich or one of our WYFS Interns to learn a variety of skills that enhance interpersonal competencies: listening with attention, contributing to a discussion, turn taking, body/self control, sharing ideas and respecting differences.  The groups not only provide students with better social skills, but allow students an opportunity to enjoy a supportive peer environment where they are encouraged to discuss and navigate the challenges common to their age group.  We look forward to working with your child! Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 860.399.7925 or email me at mbrown@westbrookctschools.org

It takes a village...

Because it truly does take a village to raise a child, here are some helpful tips...

  • Maintain a consistent routine at home - make certain your child is in bed before 9pm
  • Provide healthy meals and snacks
  • Read with your child daily - take turns reading if the book is at your child's reading level
  • Make sure your child gets plenty of play time outdoors
  • Limit screen time to 1 hour per day and monitor the content closely
  • When watching television, take advantage of educational channels like PBS 
  • Play board games with your child
  • Talk with your child about his/her day -  Ask: "Tell me something you learned today" or "What was  your favorite part of the day and why?" 
  • Keep electronics out of your child's bedroom and set an example by limiting your use of electronics
  • Communicate with us! Let us know what we can do to help you because it truly does take a village to raise a child!